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Massage has a huge number of benefits to all the systems of the body. By massaging and relaxing the muscles there is a domino effect to all the other systems of the body. It brings about a relaxation that brings the body into homeostasis, a state of balance, where the body can repair and renew.


If massage therapy is undertaken regularly the benefits accumulate meaning that as well as the many immediate effect's there is also a wealth of positive long-term effects that you can experience.

Most people associate massage with just inducing relaxation and relieving stress, and whilst this is most certainly the case, massage can also help reduce and alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions. In this way it goes beyond the realm of popular conception of how massage can be beneficial and becomes a serious tool in improving the quality of life for many people.

Whilst it's important to follow professional medical advice in these matters, massage is a wonderful complementary treatment to be used alongside orthodox medical treatment.



The effect massage can have on reducing stress is huge. Consider this: it is estimated that stress is the cause of approximately 75% of all disease. I wonder if you are as shocked as I was on hearing this?!

Stress in itself cannot be 'cured'. However, if stress is managed it no longer has a damaging effect on our lives. For many, knowing this is enough to encourage them to actively invest in relaxation. Like eating well and taking regular exercise, incorporating regular massage into your life can help you live your best life.



Massage is well-known for providing relaxation but did you know it can also be invigorating? Due to the demands of modern life I believe most of us spend a lot of time feeling tire and stressed out.  Massage is the perfect remedy because it reduces stress, provides relaxation and can make you feel invigorated, ready to face the world again!

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Something I am particularly keen to promote are the number of beneficial psychological effects massage can have. In these often stressful modern times many people seek refuge from their troubles by turning to harmful substances, whether that be alcohol, drugs or even over-eating fatty or sugar laden foods. Anything to zone out for a while! Whilst it may bring temporary relief or pleasure, long term these habits are harmful to our precious bodies.

 Psychological benefits of massage

  • Creates a feeling of well being      

  • Reduces mental stress       

  • Improves body image awareness

  • Improves self esteem       

  • Encourages openness

  • Improves concentration  

  • Improves confidence levels      

  • Promotes vigour

  • Increases energy level       

  • Improves sleep

 Conditions that can benefit from massage

  • Anxiety and Depression      

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Chronic Pain       

  • Repetitive stress injuries

  • Sleep Disorders      

  • Strains & Sprains

  • Sciatica     

  • Surgery recovery & rehabilitation  

  • Chronic Stress  

  • Arthritis




Ok, so how are all these things are achieved?

Click here to find out!

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