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How Massage Therapy works

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Your Amazing Body

The Power To Heal


Now you know many of the wonderful benefits of massage therapy you're probably wondering how such things can be achieved. After all, isn't it just about rubbing hands over a body?


Well, in one sense yes. However, through a combination of techniques and movements it becomes so much more than that. It becomes a powerful tool in promoting overall wellness and helping the mind, body and soul to heal.


Massage has an effect on many of the body's major systems. The effects are brought on through stimulation and relaxation of the muscles and nerves. It's a myth that massage needs to be performed firm enough to be uncomfortable to elicit these effects.


In fact, even a superficial technique such as light effleurage (a long contouring hand stroke) can bring about effects that can be very beneficial. See below for a basic overview of how massage effects all the systems of the body.

Effects on Integumentary System (skin)

  • Improves circulation to the skin

  • Stimulates glands to produce sebum

  • Makes skin softer

  • Increases suppleness

  • Removes top layer dead skin cells

  • Improves absorption and protection

  • Gives skin a healthy glow

Effects on Muscular System

  • Increases supply of blood to muscles

  • Increases the elimination of lactic acid

  • Increases muscle tone

  • Helps breakdown knots

  • Reduces adhesions, i.e. scar tissue

  • Relaxes and lengthens muscles

  • Increase flexibility of muscles

  • Reduces muscle spasm

Effects on Skeletal System

  • Increases blood supply to the joints

  • Loosen adhesions around a joint

  • Increases the flexibility of joints

  • Stimulates flow of blood to the bones

  • Improves posture

  • Eases stiff joints

  • Lessens inflammation

  • Reduces swelling in joints

  • Improves skeletal alignment

  • Speeds up healing of fractures

Effects on Respiratory System

  • Conditions of lungs improved

  • Improves tone of respiratory muscles

  • Circulation to the bronchioles improved

  • Increased nutrition to lung tissue

  • Slows rate of breathing down promoting deeper breathing

Effects on Nervous System

  • Relaxing strokes sooth the nerves

  • Vigorous strokes stimulate the nerves

  • Increased blood flow provide nutrients

  • Reduced pain by release of endorphins

  • Temporary numbing gives pain relief

  • Relieves spasms

Effects on Lymphatic System

  • Speeds the flow of lymph fluid

  • Reduces oedema

  • Faster removal of waste products

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Speeds recovery from illness

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Removes lactic acid

Effects on Circulatory System

  • Can help prevent varicose veins

  • Speeds up supply of oxygen & nutrients

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces high blood pressure

  • Reduces viscosity of blood reducing rate of coagulation

Effects on Digestive System

  • Relieves constipation and flatulence

  • Aids movement of digested food

  • Can relieve intestinal spasms

  • Helps to process toxins and waste material

  • Encourages better digestion

  • Helps improve the tone of intestines

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