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Massage Therapy

Relaxing Massage
Abstract Lights

Feel Your Way To Bliss

How Are You Feeling Today?

Under Pressure?  Tired?  Low Mood?  Anxious?  In Pain?  Stressed Out?  Depressed?


Maybe you're feeling ok but just in need of some 'me' time

At Nurturia Holistic Therapies you come first; it's time forget your to-do list


This is just you, your needs and someone whose priority is your well-being


My aim is to create an ultra-relaxing haven where troubles evaporate, mental stresses are eased and physical ailments are alleviated.

You will experience your senses being indulged with delicious essential oil aromas, soothing music, ambient lighting and nurturing, expert touch.


As you lay on a comfortable massage table, soft fabrics against your skin, your mind and body will unwind and your troubles will melt away.


You can expect to leave with a clearer mind, a more comfortable body and greater sense of overall well-being.


With an emphasis on nurturing relaxation you can shut the world out and give yourself some proper, unadulterated 'Me' time.

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Feel  .  Heal  . Glow

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